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More About Carl

Hi,  I’m Carl thank you, For visiting Lower Back Pains Treatment at

Why I’m here.

I’ve been suffering from back pain since 2012, after a series of accidents, I was hurting and could not sit in chairs, sleep, walk, and stand for long periods. Things got better in 2014, I was still hurting but I went back to work anyway.

I’ve seen family members also hurting and struggling with back pain. My brother was in pain for over 29 years, then my sister and her husband both were injured in a car accident.

He had surgery and she’s in a wheelchair since 2012. I can think of nothing more than to find treatment options that will work for all of us. Now she has type 2 diabetes and the need to end this is a must so I start my journey to find helpful treatments and share this information with the world.


NOW… THE REST OF THE STORY – Upper Back Pain Stretches

I work in the transportation industry as a truck driver. I have driven over 1 1/2 million miles across the U.S.A. How long does it take to drive a million miles? At times I might drive four to nine hours at a time, It takes the average solo driver 10 years to drive a million miles.

Before I started driving, I spent many years as an Information Officer, working with the Los Angeles County Facilities Building Management. Providing information to all visitors to the courts, and other L. A. County managed properties.


Now I’m finding ways to help myself, family, friends, and the rest of the world to get rid of back pain.  We can all live healthy pain-free lives, but some new information, research, and testing have developed.

This exciting news should be shared with everyone all over the world. Find out what happened that can help us live healthy and pain-free lives.

So, I notice over the years how driving and or sitting for long periods can increase your back pains. One day I decided to try some light stretching and exercise and pulled a sciatic nerve in my lower back. Ouch!

This injury left me unable to walk for several months and when I did walk it was with the use of a walker. I heard that this type of injury will never go away, but there are ways to suppress that nagging pain.


During the end of 2012, I’ve had a series of car-related accidents head-on collision and five-car pileup these accidents left me unable to walk and sit for a few years. Now I’m on a journey to help myself and the many family and friends I know with chronic and severe back pain.



Car accidents can be one of the fastest ways to get back pain, this pain can start immediately after a severe car crash or in a few days or weeks. If not treated properly, this pain can leave you with a sore and severe back pains.

The experts tell us that sitting at work or at home is the leading cause of back pain. What are the other causes of back pain?

After many days of Physical therapy and doctors visits, I was told there was nothing they can do for me but give me steroid shots and or surgery.

How can you function when you’re forced to live with this pain that was on the level close to being above the 10 chart? Not knowing what your vitamin levels are can cause you to suffer needlessly.


I see family and friends who had back surgery in a worse condition before the surgery-plus needing medication to relieve the constant pain. How to recovery when you’re forced to become disabled, not able to walk long distances, and with the aid of a walker or crutches.

Many jobs require sitting for long periods, office works and drivers plus taking long air travel. I never knew when you sit for a long period you can damage you back from not sitting properly and having lumbar support.

Sitting for long periods requires taking breaks and or getting up to move around after a few hours. I’m always making adjustments when I sit or toss and turn while sitting plus I have to take breaks for sitting and the experts suggest.


With many car accidents, slip and falls, injuries related to work we all know are have known someone with back problems. We all have many people we love like family and friends with some sort of back pain.

I think we all have a few people that went to seek different remedies and or back surgery. Only to find they needed multiple surgeries to repair damage to their spine and lower back.


I can assure you that I want to relieve this back pain. I will not stop looking until I find a product or treatment that will be comfortable for me to tolerate this type of lower back pain.

People are finding many ways and certain treatments to relieve their back pain and suffering. I would like to know what you have found to help you deal with this nagging pain.



Finally, we all know someone with back pain issues from different causes whether it’s from sitting for long periods of time or from an accident. The experts tell us the aging and sitting for long periods can damage your back.

I’m willing to share any information I find about non-surgical treatments with everyone I meet.


I’m finding out more information every day about my back pain and how to manage, heal, and live pain-free. I discovered this video and how you can cure just about any medical condition with vitamins. The doctor is a Neurologist and a specialist in treating all types of alignments.

Then she suggested that 90% of adult Americans are vitamin D deficient I begin to give it a try. guess what happens next. My Back Pain disappeared in just a few days of taking a special vitamin. She also suggested when we combine these special vitamins our body is designed to be a self-healer.

Gaiam Restore Products Banner
Evidence of our body can heal itself, remember as a kid and having a fall getting a cut, scratch or abrasion? Special blood cells called platelets in your white blood cell quickly turn the injury into a scab and heal from a barrier to fight off infections and diseases.

I have provided a video I called bonus video on another page please watch the video and learn more about this is life-changing information. The regular doctors need training in this area. As new researcher are finding every day how these vitamins can help you self-heal properly.

Thank you, again for reading and I wish all can live better back pain-free lives. Please send comments and or information about, how you deal with your pain and relieve back pain and or treatment that helped you?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Carl V. Lewis



8 thoughts on “More About Carl

  1. Hey Carl! I like the purpose of your website. It seems that you suffered a lot from that lower back pain! I hope you’ll become better and better in the future and find the right treatment for you! I admire you for trying to help others with that kind of issues as well. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Ben,

      I really did suffer at first but, it’s getting better every day. I know a lot of people that suffer from back pain worse than what I experience. Some have permanent injuries and surgeries. They still have major problems with their backs and chronic pain that don’t go away completely.

      Thank again,

      CL of LA

  2. Hey Carl, I’m glad you are getting better with your back pain. I would like to know more about how you are handling it. Thank you and God bless

    1. Thank you for asking I will be getting more articles up as fast as I can. These new articles will explain in more detail about home treatment and have everyone on the road to recovery and be pain-free. Carl

  3. Hello Carl. I have taken the time to read your article. First of all, I would like to give out my condolences to you in regards to the accidents you have been into. I hope that you are taking good care of yourself and that this tragedy will never happen again. Secondly, in some spare time, I do Uber and Lyft. After driving around, and sitting for a long period of time, I start to experience back problems. All I do is stretch out, and that works for me. I have enjoyed reading your article, and I like how you plan to assist people experiencing back problems. I wish you the best of luck with your website!!!

    1. Thanks, Ahmad,

      I really do appreciate your comments. Sounds like you may want to try other options to get rid of that back pain as much as possible. I do know some stretching will do the trick but for the severe pain, it may require much more. I will have an article soon about what damage is done by sitting for hours.

  4. Hi! Carl
    Back pain is a common problem I see a lot. I work in an office where I see people getting cortisone shots daily. I often ask how long they last the reply is not always what I expected to hear. Thank you for this website I do agree with the Shiatsu seat for the car and Shiatsu massage. I relied on that car massager until one day I couldn’t find it. Carl, I thank you again for providing a site that will cause people to think again about getting help for there pain.

    1. Hello, Janice,

      Thank you, for visiting our website. We hope to find ways that will help others relieve their back pain. Yes, the Shiatsu seat works great for any lower and upper back pain. Remember having your best massage ever, well this is similar-I don’t drive without it. Your welcome, take care.

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