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Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain-4 Reasons to try video

Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

Back Exercises you can try at home

Warning-trying exercises without your doctor’s advice are in your best interest and not recommended. Get your doctors approval if your condition is okay for light stretches, activities, and yoga.

Always follow your doctor’s advice. Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. These back exercises for lower back pain can hurt more if you’re in severe pain.

Some patients in a sleep apnea study reported that their back pain was no longer there and gone within a few days when their vitamin D levels went to normal. It only took one or two days to heal there back of inflammation and stop the back pain in that week.

Vitamin D3 and K2 are highly recommended and proven by doctors, specialist and Neurologist to stop inflammation which can cause back pain.

Dr. Stasha G. cured back pain of her sleep apnea patients by accident and now the word is slowly getting out to the world.

Don’t take my word on this, check with your doctor to see what your vitamin D levels are. Always let your doctor know what your plans are before taking any vitamins suggested here.

Most people with back pain are also vitamin D deficient…getting your vitamin D to normal levels could stop the inflammation which causes back pain.

Simple exercises you can try only if you’re not in serious pain

These simple back exercises were suggested by my physical therapist years ago after my very first car accident. When you start to have too much pain let your backrest for a few days before trying any exercise.

Doing as little as possible will stop the pain, getting more needed rest is important and will not be the only factor to help you cure the back problems.

When your feeling better you can more to more exercising and yoga helps keep your muslces and joints flexible.


When you start to have back pain and you want to feel better try these light exercises

Don’t try the exercises every day but every other day, it depends on how sore your back really feels. If your pain level is high any exercises can aggravate your muscles more.

If you do not experience any extra pain then continue with these light exercises as you wish.


When you’re ready to manage your symptoms of back pain, you feel it getting worse, and you start feeling more pain, stop exercising and let your doctor know this is happening.

If you haven’t had your vitamin levels checked you should, it is very beneficial for everyone to have their levels checked.

  • The health benefits for infants they need vitamin D for growth, brain development, overall health development, and Deep sleep.
  • Children need vitamin D for growth, brain development, healthy, healthy bones, teeth, and Deep sleep healing.
  • Teens need vitamin D for anti-depression, healthy immune and Deep sleep healing.
  • Adults need vitamin D for the prevention of bone loss density, disease, fractures, and Deep sleep healing.

Other problems sitting for long periods can worsen your sore back pain

If you’re sitting in a chair for long periods chances are you’re in pain. Your back pain is screaming for attention you’re not giving it. Many doctors including Dr. Oz TV hosting doctor tell us that sitting is the wrong thing for us to do.

Sitting for a long period can cause lower back pain and upper back and neck pain. Ask your doctor for recommendations and treatments.

The Benefits your doctor can recommend;

  1. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Will cure inflammation problems.
  2. Seat pad massager, (for the car, home, and office) help ease your pain and make you relax.
  3. electroacupuncture known for pain relief and circulation help.


Please let all your loved ones, family, and friends know vitamins D3 and vitamin K2 are proven to work. The medical experts tell us vitamin D can give you better overall health benefits.

With many benefits for healthy bones, immune system, cardiovascular health, and help with many other known health issues.

If you have a question and or comment, please leave them below. We would love to hear about your experiences and would like to know what works for you. If you have suggestions let us know.

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