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Severe Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

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Severe Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home.

What to do when you’re in severe back pain.

Severe lower back pain treatment at home can be managed but first, you will need to see a doctor to diagnosis what is causing these severe back pains. Follow our recommendation on pain level 10 and pain level off the chart.

Seeing a doctor is the first step and the second step you should consider is to stop the activity that caused your back pain. The third step is to try different treatment options other than medication.

If your in need of heavy medication then your in severe pain and other treatment options should be taken. Getting pain management is better for your overall health and many medications carry secondary symptoms side effects.

Just simple steps to take that will have you feeling better soon. We are not medical experts but are back pain patients that know what works for our back pain.


The first steps to take is to know where your pain is coming from. Make sure it’s not another medical condition that is affecting the lower back area.

  • Getting an MRI is the best recommendations your doctor will have to determine where the problem is located. Then he/she can determine what treatment plan will work better for pain relief.
  • When your pain levels are 10 and off the chart, you are in serious pain and your blood pressure is elevated. This condition is dangerous and needs immediate medical supervision.

  • There could be a number of reasons why you’re in this much pain. If you were seen by the medical attendants and you are still in severe pain keep following the recommended treatment plans.
  • No exercising or heavy lifting these are known causes that will aggravate an already serious pain level.
  • Sitting for a long period can aggravate your back more (take breaks from sitting-stand or walking around will help the circulation to the pain areas).

Lower back pain will need time to heal and in order to help you heal fast at home, we suggest you try different options. Some options have been proven to relieve pain in most people but everyone is different and there is no guarantee you will be pain-free.

You will need to seek immediate medical attention.

Follow the guidelines for level 10 severe back pain.

  1. For level 10 pain
  2. For severe back pain following level 10 recommendations

Getting your vitamin D level checked.

Doctors are making new discoveries in vitamin D research which holds more pain relief benefits than other prescription drugs. The only downside is that it will take a few days to get total relief.

  • Dr. OZ T.V. hosting doctor states ” most people with back pain or inflammation that causes back pain are vitamin D deficient.”
  • Neurologist Dr. Stasha G. States ” her patient in sleep therapy described taking vitamin D to help with healing deep sleep notice their back pain was gone”.
  • This is simple ways to determine if your back pain is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is the leading cause of most back pain and arthritis.
  • Scientist are still finding new discoveries with this Super Vitamin and have found cures for most pain, cancers, and diabetes.

Inflammation can be controlled by using vitamin D many experts in all areas of pain therapy and pain management are finding out. Having your vitamin D levels check will help you if your levels are not in the normal ranges.

Scientist announced on May 10, 2018, they are making new discoveries with vitamin D in the treatment options for other diseases like cancer and type 2 diabetes.

They are getting the testing completed to start clinical trials soon.

Ask your doctor for a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D blood test or check with a Biomedical Laboratory. The scientist would love to answer any questions and concerns you have about this blood test.

If your question relates to this website and not to a specific lab test, please submit it via our About Us page instead. Thank you.

Contact a Scientist

Ice and heating pad

Your doctor will recommend ice packs and heat compress to relief your pain. This method is great for relieve and will ease the pain. Try 10 to 15 minutes using both and apply the one that offers more pain relief for a longer period.

Ice packs

  • The ice packs will be irritating at first if you’re not used to the cold.
  • It can cause the treatment area to become numb.
  • Can cause a burning sensation like frostbite.

Heating pads


  • Heating pads offer a different relief
  • Any heat to the pain area will ease the pain
  • Hot or warm showers are also added great comfort
  • Spa’s and hot tubs with the jet stream will offer relief as well.


Some doctors and experts believe this is a better way of treating any back pain and recommend this treatment highly. There are two options going out to an expert or the at home device.

Both are highly effective methods and can relieve pain some time thru out the day.

Seat massager or massage chair

These choices are also recommended in place of electroacupuncture less painful than the needles going into your skin.

Some versions are equipped with a heat function and consist of electropulse massages. You can use these as often as you feel and have access to this 24 hours in the comfort of your home.

The great idea about the seat massager you can use them at home, work, and in the car and you will have access to the controls for an all-day massage if you desire.

This is the product that is mostly used to give you the best massage you ever had all day long.

You can also seek the professional certified massage therapist who specializes in knowing where the back pain problem areas are located.

Goal Objectives Examples.

You can stop the pain today, you can set your goal to make the decision and take action now to become pain-free. I have provided links for you to get more information, check out the best prices, and to try different options.

Think about this, what would you like to do when you become pain-free? What activities would you like to do more of, places you can visit, take a drive somewhere etc. Take control of your pain control what pain level you want or be pain-free.


You have access to the most powerful ways to destroy the severe lower back pain available today. Knowing how not to re-injure your back and to keep pain free should be the key to your successful road to recovery.

Being pain-free is possible using the steps above you have to try different options and see which one works better in relieving your pain.

We covered the basic information to help you relieve your severe back pain. Just keep in mind that you will need to stop moving around, doing the heavy lifting, and sitting for long periods without taking a break.

If we told you about a great movie we saw, we would only tell you what we already have seen and experienced. We are not medical experts but will only recommend what works for our back pain.

If you have any information you want to add here your always welcome to do so. If you have question and comments, please leave them below we will respond as soon as we see them.

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