A Better Breakfast everyday

What is Healthy for Breakfast-Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

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What is Healthy for Breakfast – Foods to Eat to Lose Weight.

What is healthy for breakfast is important when it can save your life. When you’re ready to start your day, you need healthy foods to eat to lose weight and burn energy. It will help you feel better all day plus give you the extra strength when you need it. Having extra power plays a vital role in your back pain health as well and helps ease the pain you suffer.

A Better Breakfast everyday

Your Microbiome is in control of what you eat morning, noon, and night, Scientist in this research can see your overall history of what you been doing with you’re eating habits, the types of food you put in your Gut.

Having healthy gut bacteria can determine if you live or die. These New Scientific discoveries in the Microbiome tests can tell them what you eat if you exercise, what type of food you been eating.

Eating the wrong foods and not exercising is causing many epidemic conditions like obesity, heart disease, cancers, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

If your trying to eat right and can’t lose weight this is a problem most Americans are having. Having the wrong foods, you feed your gut bacteria plays and Major role in your health.

The three other players that work against you when you’re trying to eat the right foods are Inflammation build up which cause Weight gain and then pain and sicknesses.

Did you know “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” According to top business owners in Microbiome testing and treatments?

Break fast

What Scientist think about eating right.

Salk Institute scientist suggest we should all eat healthier, exercise, stop smoking, and stop using tobacco products. Following simple, healthy steps will prevent us from developing diseases like cancer and type 2 diabetes.

These scientists are using vitamin D as an ingredient to fight certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. They also stated that cell receptors get blocked to stop working for some reason.

They can boost the vitamin D receptors and unlock the mysteries in curing certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. Since vitamin D is the primary source of immune health, it can help fight these diseases.

Vitamin D is now being used to break the walls or barrier of cancer cells your immune system is desperately trying to fight these diseases. According to Salk Institute Scientist and the top Neurologist agree vitamin D is Important for you to maintain a healthy immune system.

 What Do Neurologist say about eating Healthy.

Neurologist Dr. Stasha Gominak MD. States eating right will have many benefits for your overall health. She uses vitamin D to treat and cure her patients with a host of medical conditions and disorders.

Many of her patients are healthy children and young women with sleeping disorders. By giving them vitamin D, we learn it’s not the only player that helped them return feeling better and getting better sleep than any other times in their lives.

Some of her patients said they didn’t have the back pains they once had before after getting better sleep.
There are many experts with tons of information, ideas, tips, recipes, and ways for you to stay healthy and eat right with the best diet plans when you start your day.

 What other Doctors will tell you why you should eat Healthily.

They say you should eat a healthy breakfast with lots of fibers, and then more fiber on top of fiber, then fruits, vegetables mainly Leafy greens and other foods with protein.

Breakfast has always been a good source of a host of health benefits for your overall goal too;

  • Staying fit and exercise more
  • Lose unwanted pounds cutting out sugar
  • Get vitamins into your health
  • Nutrients that are better
  • Get your energy levels up again
  • Help your immune system work better
  • Help you get deeper and restful sleep
  • Stop eating Sugars and Starchy foods
  • Learn what to feed your microbiome

Warning – Some breakfast foods can trigger an allergic reaction like tree nuts and peanuts know what foods are harmful before it’s too late.

 Some healthy choices for breakfast consist of the following;

Here are some healthy choices if you have food allergies always consult your doctor or nutritionist for more information.

  • Eggs – Are a favorite they provide an excellent source of proteins, eggs are very high in healthy cholesterol they can lower your risk of heart disease.

           Successfully increase the feeling of fullness, maintain healthy insulin and blood sugar levels. Eggs are a perfect choice, and you can have them in your favorite style such as omelets with another vegetable a great ideal for a common choice.

  • Oatmeal – Can lower terrible cholesterol levels if you eat more of it. Plus, it helps promote the feeling of fullness longer after eating and is full of antioxidants. You can style your cereal to the taste you enjoy by adding your favorite fruits and some vegetable will work also.
  • Greek Yogurt – Will always Increases the production of hormones that promote the sensation of fullness for more extended periods. Packed with other essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It is light very fast to prepare, quick and easy to find if you in a rush to start your perfect morning, and great for everyday use.
  • Green Tea –  Always better for you than coffee, the tea that can enhance your mood say goodbye to mood swings.
    Will also increase your metabolic rate. This choice is more recommended than coffee, you still can enjoy a little caffeine, plus have a healthy hot drink to start your day.

Consult your doctor if you lose 1-2 pounds per day or 12 pounds per week. This tea is believed to have the answers everyone is searching for from around the world.

  • Nuts – Good for heart conditions, diabetes, and help if you suffer from diseases that can cause inflammation. More people today have an allergy to nuts. Having a nut allergy consult your doctor for more advice. Always make sure you do not have an allergic to nuts, they will be an excellent choice and provide the most need nutrients.

  • Flax Seed –  Evidence also suggests that flax seeds can lower blood sugar levels and reduce resistance to insulin. This new wonder food is pack with the power to help fight heart conditions and diabetes. It will improve digestion problems, help control cholesterol and hormone balance, promote beautiful skin, help your cardiovascular, and immune health.
  • Cottage Cheese – A healthy amount of protein, help to jump-start your metabolism and make you feel full longer. Cottage cheese is low in calories to help build muscle plus maintain you with a host of benefits.

An excellent fat source also a good source of protein, very healthy nutrients, which can improves overall health including help fight and reduce cell damage essential element for you cell receptors, keep the risk of prostate cancer low and also support beautiful, healthy skin.

  • Protein Shakes –  Can reduce your appetite, help you feel full longer in the day, help to lower blood sugar levels, and help preserve and maintain muscle mass you want more shake will give you more muscle.

Some proteins shake like a brand at Amazon provides 30g of protein with essential amino acids, 160 calories, low sugar just 1gram of sugar, low to no fat, and 24 other vitamins and minerals.

  • Granola – Can regulate digestion by kick-starting your metabolism, maintain your weight, contain vital nutrients and antioxidants that offer a wealth of benefits, increase energy levels, promote the function of your organs, reduce blood sugar levels, and enhance cognition.
  • Quinoa – Contains nine essential amino acids. It’s rich in fiber, iron, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium and tons of antioxidants. If you have Celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity, or you are just trying to remove gluten from your diet,
  • Berries – High in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties, making them great for your overall health and well-being. These brightly colored juicy edible fruits are the healthiest foods you can eat today. Berries packed with many health benefits, and you will never go wrong enjoying them for breakfast.

  • Spinach – Excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, copper, iron, B vitamins, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorous, zinc, protein, and choline, can reduce inflammation, protect against liver, heart disease, boost mood, brain activity, and control weight.

  • Broccoli – Important nutrients, such as copper, potassium, vitamin B, Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, calcium, protein, and fiber. Has anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the risk of certain cancer diseases, osteoporosis, ease the effects of others and help with weight gain. You should never turn down a bowl of cream of Broccoli soup when all the benefit from eating broccoli includes reducing cholesterol levels, supporting eye health, and boosting detox.

  • Avocados – They are a valuable source of several nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, potassium, vitamins B5 and B6, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, and vitamin A. Contain monounsaturated fatty acids, excellent for the health of your heart, reduce inflammation, and help you lose weight.

The word Break-fast comes from when we start a new day and break the fast from the night. We will always be healthier by eating right and maintaining a healthy body for many years.

 What about Second Breakfast?

If breakfast is a healthy meal for the day why do we only eat it in the morning? Why not eat breakfast all day and then at night its okay right?

In Lord of the Rings movie we learn about second breakfast as the character, Pippin asks Merry if Aragorn knows what second breakfast is all about. Perfect entertainment you can enjoy the clip below.


What about Breakfast for Dinner?

Have you ever heard of this concept eating breakfast for dinner? We would make a wise choice if we ate breakfast all day then had breakfast for dinner. How often do you eat a healthy meal or breakfast for dinner?

The sounds healthy of a healthy dinner should be appealing to everyone at least try a healthy meal if not at every meal time then at least one meal should be a healthy choice.

The Problem is not finding what is healthy.

A Healthy Meal

Could the problem be the preparation for a healthy breakfast and how often we plan this part of our meals? You can start with a plan and make sure you have all the ingredients for your breakfast. You will find most experts in the health arena will suggest certain foods and meal plans for your health benefits.

A benefit of eating healthy.

There are many health benefits for eating right, exercising and staying healthy. Have you ever heard of anyone that goes to the gym five days a week getting sick with some popular diseases?

Most nutritionist today will always tell you that eating right and making healthy choices will have long-lasting benefits to your overall health.

The solution is eating healthy all day.

Here are some examples of what the experts Recommend and suggest a link is provided for you to find out more. Stay healthy learn what is the right foods for you and your family.

Plan each healthy meal as suggested some recommendation you can follow includes recipes and ways to make eating right fun and healthy at the same time.

Follow these other resources for more information on healthy meals:

A healthy breakfast will give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long. “You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein,” says Erica Giovinazzo, MS, RD, a nutritionist at Clay Health Club and Spa, in New York City.

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Five healthy breakfast foods to help you lose weight. Mix up your morning meal and try one—or a few—of these five healthy breakfast foods that help you lose weight. Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Help You.

Berries and prunes.

This should be any fruit that is fiber-rich, but prunes and berries are particularly suitable for breakfast and packed full of fiber.

  • dailynaturalremedies.com/11-healthy-breakfast-foods/2


Eggs are a  truly versatile ingredient, and already a common addition to the average American (or European) breakfast. Eggs can be prepared in lots of ways, but as long as you’re not frying them off in pools of fat and grease, they’re perfect for you.

A Healthy Breakfast.

Has at Least 5 Grams of Fiber One way to get to those 5 grams of fiber is to include whole grain and fruit or vegetables with your breakfast.

For Centuries.

We have come to understand that breakfast is the essential part of every morning meal. As we are repeatedly told, the most important meal of the day.

Discover all the Benefits.

You might get more benefits from every meal if you include cutting back on unnecessary foods it in your routine. To get the most out of your breakfast, skip processed foods, and foods loaded with sugar and high in carbohydrates.

Foods loaded with high carbs is like adding extra sugar to your meal. Your system will process these carbs like sugar and don’t know what else to do with high carbohydrates.

Diet and Nutrition Ideas.

Should be a significant concern at every meal having a meal plan for weeks or months will assure that you will be eating healthier meals every day. Having new and Improved Information handy will give you the most excellent benefits of eating better.

The Latest Health Trends and Tips.

Stay healthy and start a fitness program such as walking more try parking further away and making a long walk when going out. Always park in a safe place where you can enjoy a brisk walk and build some cardio activity. Natural remedies are a good start to eating healthier add a different ingredient and try something new and fun.

Most Health Conditions and Symptoms.

By eating the right meals, you control most health problems which can be handled or managed with the proper diet and nutrition. Most breakfast foods have many vitamins that can boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular system as well.

Goals Objectives Examples.

You can change any medical condition and become healthier through what you eat. Feeding you healthy gut bacteria will make your healthy bacteria stronger than your bad gut bacteria.

A healthy gut bacteria will make you healthy, prevent you from getting sick, stop the old feeling when you awake from sleeping. Give you more energy and peace of mind. Also, having good gut bacteria will help you be happier, help you feel better, help you lose weight, and stop depression.

I provided you the right information to set your goals in eating right, and I have given you the links to help you in your plan to eat better and healthy.

You have to commit to making a goal; then you have to follow up with action.  Take the time to learn what we are so excited about eating right, staying fit, and live longer.


You have the answer to the questions you seek and know what is healthy for breakfast. Having the best plan to eat right all day, you will enjoy the health benefits.

Preparing your breakfast meals ahead will save you time and help you eat right every day. If you set this as a goal and plan it out, it will become a routine for you. If you miss one or two healthy meals, it shouldn’t have a massive impact on your overall health.

New technology in healthcare is here already knowing what you can eat, what you can digest and what foods are making everyone sick. Chronic Inflammation is the problem in most diseases we see today.

You and your family desire to have the best meals plan, enjoy the healthy lifestyle and feel better every day. If you have any questions and comments, please leave them below.

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