What is Inflammation? How to treat inflammation naturally

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What is Inflammation

We self-heal every night when we sleep and only if we are in a phrase of paralysis. During this process of healing our body produce Inflammation to help that process. So, what is inflammation and how do it help our white blood cells produce enzeymes the enzymes produce inflammation.

Inflammation is the leading cause of most back pains, back problems, joint pain, and spine pain. Fixing these inflammation problem will relieve most common back pains.

Inflammation is your bodies way to heal an injury or illness. Inflammation is known for three factors swelling, redness, and heat. inflammation is also known as acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.


Picture of inflammation inside your body.

Inflammation magnified 1000 times.


Injuries and illnesses cause inflammation if you smash your finger you will see swelling, redness, and have heat in the injuried area. If you continue to smash the same finger the swelling will increase plus it will still have redness and heat.

Your body reacts to injuries like smashing your finger the pain will start then swelling, redness, and heat.

Inflammation is the leading cause of most back pain.

Experts in the back and spine treatment are treating the inflammation problem and not serious broken vertibrals or disc problems.

Lower Back Pain

Swelling in the disc in cases like bulging and herniated disc pain. Inflammation is known to cause this type of pain and will not go away with stretching and excercise alone.

Lite excercise such as walking more and sitting less is know to hold many benefits in back pain. But, this wiil not cure the inflammation in the spine and back.

Most anti-inflammatory drugs are more harmful to the overall health than lets say vitamins that can cure the inflammation. Lower the exccessive inflammation build up.

If you suffer from Lumbar lower back pain you may have Inflammation.

Most lower back pain in the lumbar area is caused by inflammation. Chronic inflammation is known to cause other health problems such as cancers, type 2 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

Your body produces inflammation to fix a problem somewhere in your body. One problem about inflammation is you may produce so much swelling, and it will have no place to be released from your body.

Let’s say your body want to produce 5000 inflammation cells. However, it produced 50000 inflammation cells these cells have nowhere to go, and they will find housing in your body somewhere.

They do find housing in your bones and joints and will cause pain and discomfort in those areas

Inflammation can cause joint pain

Inflammation is also known to cause joint pain. Most arthritis victims suffer needlessly because they don’t know what the primary cause of their suffering.

Joint pain

When they fix the inflammation, then they can enjoy their normal routine again without the worry about pain. Fixing this problem will take work on their part such as eating healthier and eating the right foods that don’t carry the inflammation markers.

Certain foods cause inflammation build up and because inflammation can travel through the body it normal will find a resident in the bones and joints.

Inflammation can be controlled and cured

Eating the right foods will decrease your inflammation build up.

Eating the right foods will decrease your inflammation build up. Learn what foods are causing inflammation to build in your joints stop eating those foods or eat small amounts.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right amount of nutrients you need, and it’s hard for some people to stick to a strict diet plan. I will suggest contacting a dietician for help concerning what it a proper diet to avoid foods that cause inflammation.

For more help and where you can begin and learn more watch the video below to help uncover what is causing the inflammation and what you can do to stop this build up.

Remember stopping inflammation will hold a host of benefits as well. New information from doctors, Nuerologist, and scientist suggest that inflammation is the cause of many health concerns.

These health concerns play an essential role in your overall health. Inflammation according to the experts is causing diseases, cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

It is vital that everyone with back pain take notice of this information and know that if you suffer for any pain, it can be a result of inflammation build up.

Inflammation build up is harmful to your overall health.

Start taking action now will prevent you from suffering major health problems. Eating right is talked a lot here and other places over the internet.

Did you know that healthy foods are only good for half the world’s population? We know this is evident by most of our eating choices and where we are in the U.S. where obesity is a rising health issue.

Most people don’t know what kinds of foods are harmful to us and we eat what everyone else eats. Right?If healthy foods can cause you many health problems what is happening to us when we eat unhealthy foods?

Do you see where this is going?

Many Health officials across the world plus the U.S. National Security Agency have taken notice of the increased health crisis they are getting everyone up to speed on their findings?

They implemented some causes of the health concerns, and the word is slowly getting out for some reason or another.
Most people are not sharing this information with their family and friends.

As we learn more about these conditions, we will post them here on this website. We will be dedicated in bring everyone updates as we learn more through our resources.

We can only ask you to be a participant if you would tell your family and friends about this information then that will be a good step in the right direction.

The benefits of vitamins to stop inflammation



How you can treat inflammation naturally

We eat foods that cause inflammation build up and there are foods you should eat to stop inflammation. Tomatoes are the best and the most powerful antioxdiant.

We should eat and only if your microbiome allow you to digest and process these foods.

  • Tomatoes
  • Asparagus
  • Carrots
  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Guavas
  • Red Cabbage
  • Gac (a Vietnamese fruit)
  • Watermelon


We want to see pain and suffering gone and if inflammation is the cause of all pain and suffering in our bodies. We need to take more notice and learn what is happening to our families and us when we get sick.

Joint and Knee Pain

Inflammation helps us in many ways, and it’s a two-sided coin that will support and harm you at the same time.How can you protect yourself against yourself is always to learn more and be willing to do your research.

We can only present you with the facts as we search for them we can’t help you when it comes to sharing with your family and friends.

We trust that everyone who has back pain or know someone suffering from joint pain share this information with them.
If you have questions, and comment leave them below.

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