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What is The Best Back Pain Treatments? 2019

Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

What is The Best Back Pain Treatments? 2019

We all know someone with back pains right? The experts tell us an estimated 1 billion people are Vitamin D deficient. You may be asking so, what that has to do with back pain. The billions of people could also suffer from back pain experts are telling us. So, what is the best back pain treatments? The answer for you to start taking your vitamins and stay healthy while you’re taking them.

We have to be reminded to start taking these vitamins for better health. If you care about your friends and family, you will make sure they are taking vitamins. It may sound like a joke, but the back pain is nothing to joke about it.

This page will only tell you that if you care about your family and friends. Follow the health experts recommendation or have your doctor check them as soon as possible. The vitamins will put them on the road to becoming pain-free but first, we need to get them the vitamins.

Remember they only work if you’re taking them and we do not get enough from the foods we eat. Everyone that is Vitamin D deficient is also having chronic to severe back pain.

I put up a video I’ve found, and hundreds have watched this video with amazement. The doctor is a specialist in her field everyone loves what she is talking about cures for everyone.

However, she doesn’t talk about back pain she knows from the clinical studies with her patients how these vitamins work for them. Her patients can back telling her their back pain was gone and this was great news.

Here is some interesting information that could save lives.

  1. Learn how this Specialist explains what vitamins are needed for back pain relief and a host of other cures. Learn more.
  2. Learn what Outbreak killed over 60 people in 2012, and affected hundred with a deadly virus when they got steroid injections. Read more.
  3. Learn what Outbreak killed several people and made hundreds sick where they needed a heavy dose of Vitamins to stay alive. Learn more here.

Electrotherapy Devices

Some doctors are recommending electrotherapy for their patients as another form of back pain treatments. We talked with some of those patients and received mix opinions and was wondering if you have had experience with this procedure.

This type of electrotherapy is different than the traditional electroacupuncture doctors also recommended treatment for some lower back issues. We are learning more about this and hope to have more information about this type of therapy at home soon.

We have found some pictures and you can investigate this further as an option to relieve the pain and get much-needed relief.

HM6ML TENS & EMS Unit - Pain Management

HM6ML TENS & EMS Unit – Pain Management

Electro-Acupuncture the best pain relief.

The most recognized treatment option mostly overlooked by many specialists. This treatment option is very underestimated because of its invasive techniques one reason is the needles placed into your skin.

Acupuncture Therapy

This treatment option is known to be painful at first but carries powerful pain relief once the shock of the needles wears off. I was told by other patients that it hurts at first then the pain relief is remarkable.

Many patients found themselves sleeping and then wakening up once the procedure was over.  The pain relief is temporary and you will need to make another appointment in a couple of weeks.

The electrotherapy device can be used at home anytime you feel the need to get pain relief. Just think you will never have to make an appointment, you will save gas, no traffic and you can use it anytime, and as many times you want for pain relief.

Goal Objectives Examples

If you suffer from back pain, you have the power to stop your pain with the increase in information. This page contains links for you to get more information about what treatment options are available.

You have to decide if you want to continue with harmful medication and finally put an end to your back pain. We made it easy for you to get the information you need if you require more help in this area please follow up and leave a comment or ask questions.

Don’t just take our word do your homework we encourage you to test out other options rather than see anyone suffer from back pain. Plus, the medication comes with side effects, and then those side effects have side effects, and more medicine will be needed.

Break the cycle of needing pain medication it doing your body overall more harm. You can stop the pain you have the power to make a change for the better of your health. Only you can make this change we can tell you how and where to find more information.


I hope everyone will take my recommendation to listen and see how the specialist has helped small children with sleep disorders, teenage women having aches, and young women with severe headaches and the list goes on.

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6 thoughts on “What is The Best Back Pain Treatments? 2019

  1. You know what’s interesting? My wife has had back pain for YEARS since our second child and she thought it was just a problem with the way she sat. She’d go to the chiropractor and the massage therapist several times a year (I honestly think the total of the bills for the year was $1,200). Recently the pain was starting to get to the point that it was affecting her ability to sleep, so her GP referred her to a “pain specialist” who immediately ran some bloodwork “just to see” what was going on. She came back with B-12 levels that were so low, that they’re at the level of someone who is 80 years old and Vitamin D levels that were non-existent. Sure we live near the 49th parallel and we’re on a tropical island (for our country) so you’d think we’d get plenty of sunshine so that her Vitamin D levels would be normal, but WOW…

    Since she’s started a supplement regime for both B-12 and Vitamin D, she’s actually seen WONDERS. Not only is the pain going away, but her mental focus has completely returned (before she would always be “in a fog”). Apparently, that’s a sign of B-12 deficiency.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank You, Dave,

      I’m learning that the lack of the proper vitamins is causing a lot of problems for people back pain and sleep disorders may go hand and hand. But I still have a lot of work in this area to do. Some vitamins can’t be taken by themselves and need direction.

      I glad to hear your wife is doing better and she should be sleeping well and have more energy as well.


  2. There is a test called Spectracell – that is an excellent way to see what nutrients you are deficient in. Unfortunately, many foods are not as nutrient rich as they used to be because our soil is depleted of nutrients. We can’t expect to get everything we need from food anymore. We have to look for clean supplements.

    1. Thank you, Heather, for visiting.

      I really appreciate your input and will have to look into the testing it will bring value to people who need to know what their vitamins levels are.


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