Epidural Steroid Injection

Part 1. What’s the Best Back Pain Treatment-Pain that Never Stop and Kills.

Epidural Steroid Injection

Part 1. What’s the Best Back Pain Treatment-Pain that Never Stop and Kills.

What’s the best back pain treatment the pain that never stop and kills. Many options exist to stop this pain but the treatment that is highly used goes against the FDA approval.

Most people don’t know the dangers involved in this treatment and the risk to their health is looked at here. Doctors are not telling their patients about these risks and dangers.

Nine million Epidural shots are given in the U.S. each year.

With the rise in back injuries, spinal injuries, and diseases. More people are turning to the Epidural Steroid Injection or (ESI), for pain relief. This invasive technique is winning over pain management therapy and many other treatments.

Epidural steroid (cortisone), the Corticosteroid is Injected into the spinal space was never approved, nor was it tested by the FDA. The Corticosteroid is also called Glucocorticoids or simply (steroids).

Glucocorticoids are potent medicines that are known for its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive to treat a wide range of health issues.



This procedure used by doctors and clinics that opposes other treatments and spine surgery. The ESI is the injection into the small space between the bone and spinal cord to relieve pain.

This form of treatment is now, “said by the FDA, known to be rare but, can cause nerve injury including damage to the spine, severe injury, loss of vision, paralysis, and death.”

Now experts today, are also finding that giving this treatment is misdiagnosis some back problems. In many cases, this form of therapy is not required, and patients are having adverse reactions.

The packaged insert read that the Depo-Medrol, another form of steroid, said that intrathecal use (inside the spinal cord) is contraindicated, but epidural use (outside the spinal cord) is not.

It stated, that both inside the spinal cord and outside the spinal cord treatment carry the same adverse conditions and reactions.

The lengthy approval wait for the makers of the steroid Depo-Medrol and others like it such as; Solu-Medrol, ReadySharp M., P-Care, D40, and P-Care D80, are also from the Glucocorticoid class.

The use could cause, a condition known as Arachnoiditis disease.
Arachnoiditis is a condition in which something or some disease invades the spinal cord nerves.

Some patients suffering from tuberculosis or syphilis would typically be affected by Arachnoiditis.

Other patients affected by Arachnoiditis are those who have chronic inflammation of the arachnoid.

Moreover, patients affected by fungal meningitis from attempted ESI of any fungus-tainted steroids could be affected by Arachnoiditis.

There is no cure for Arachnoiditis of the arachnoid. Arachnoid is one of the membranes that surround the nerves and protect them and the spinal cord.

The common brand of Steroid;

  • Methylprednisolone (Which  banned for use by officials in Australia and New Zealand.)
  • Hydrocortisone (Used to treat Skin Conditions, Allergic Disorders, Arthritis, Lupus, Psoriasis and many others)
  • Triamcinolone ( Can weaken your immune system, or worsening infection you already have)
  • Betamethasone (Can cause and suppress your body’s Immune System, used for Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Dexamethasone (Not to use if you are allergic to it, or have a Fungal Infection anywhere in your body)

Other types of steroids like – Testosterone, Androstenedione, Stanozolol, and Nandrolone are different and widely used for bodybuilding. The anabolic and hyperbolic steroid is in itself are harmful in other ways. But, are not the focus of the inflammation treatments described on this page.

The FDA warning of steroid use is still illegal without a medical reason to use them.

Side effects of the Gritty Steroid Solution.

The widespread use of Epidural steroid injections is alarming because the use of steroids is addictive. Doctors have to prescribe low doses to get patients off the drug.

High doses and prolonged use will have permanent adverse effects. The Epidural was once just for women in childbirth type of injection.

This type of treatment is a better way to avoid back surgery in many patients some doctors have claimed. While other doctor cited, this is not a necessary treatment plan and should only use in a worse case scenario.

As in the cases where a shooting pain travels down the legs and then up towards the lower back.The gritty steroid solution if injection into the arteries could lead to significant complication such as; stroke, blocked arteries, and even death.

Widespread use not recommended by other health professionals and officials.

Healthcare companies and doctors are telling patients to seek other treatments for back problems and pain. A high rate of injury and death cause concerns among officials in 2012.

When a pharmacy name New England Compounding Center, which holds a license in the state of Massachusetts. New England Compound Center was the primary source that causes an outbreak where contaminated steroid full of mold was discovered later in its warehousing area.

This company which had many violations with the (FDA) surrender its license to Massachusetts state health officials, when federal officials found mold in vials of steroid medication.

The tainted vials of the mold with fungus inside cause a fungal meningitis outbreak. The bottles were shipped out to many hospitals and clinics across the U.S.

The outbreak in 2012, quickly spread across 23 states in the U.S. Killing as many as 50 people and injuring over 700.
The Centers for Disease Control or (CDC) located the only source of the contaminated steroid medication to a supplier of the 23 states. The Food and Drug Administration or (FDA) cited the New England Compounding Center or (NECC) for numerous violation before the outbreak.

Other Options and treatments should be a consideration first.

Some doctors would agree other options exist before a patient considers or before attempting ESI. Plus, Epidural Steroid Injection should be given at the last result and not at the first attempt to suppress pain.

ESI should be used in a way to prepare the patient for therapy and other treatments, a bulging disc is not an excellent choice for ESI. Other forms of treatment have been widely used and have very favorable results in some patients relief in back pain.

Some doctors reported that the results of ESI hold no long-lasting effect and will only provide temporary relief of 1 to 3 months. Other medical experts disagree that the results of ESI are not worth the associated risks involving the potential for harm and deaths.

Treatment and Non-treatment Options will are discussed in Part 2.


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