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5 Star Hotel Mattress – What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

5 Star Hotel Mattress – What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain.

What is the best mattress for back pain that gives the best sleep at home?

Have you ever been to a 5-star hotel or resort and had the worse night sleep?

Did you know many 5 star hotels and resorts take pride in their research and testing for the best mattresses? Now if you ask what is the best mattress for back pain… They found the answers and know how we would love to have the same sleep experience at home.

They know most travelers might be hosting back problem’s since we sleep a third part of our lives or try to. When 5-star hotels and resorts design their beds they have you in mind.

They know and cater to every sleeping condition and disorders, therefore help you gain a much needed great night rest. Plus help us have a worry-free experience away from those pesky bed irritates like bed bugs and dust mites.


Having Problems sleeping with your mattress at home

The most problem’s with sleep disorders comes from a host of events even medical conditions. According to the Neurologist Dr. Stasha G. who started her practice in sleeping disorders.

Now Dr. Stasha trains other doctors and tells us that 3 quarters of the population have sleeping disorders. The typical patients consist of healthy children, teenage women, and young healthy adult women were the normal patients in the early 1980s.

Sleeping disorders and these other conditions are now at epidemic proportions worldwide. Some of these conditions can be treated at home with the proper diet, nutrients, vitamins, exercise, and with your healthcare providers advice.

Hotels that understand these sleeping disorders also have you in mind with the right mattress. They can not cure your back problem’s but they can make every effort to ease your pain for a better quality sleep experience.

If 5-star hotels and resorts care a lot about your sleep experience and sleep condition who else care?

Why we have sleeping disorders is because we made more technological advancement in life. Some experts in sleep therapy believe we added more light at night to our sleep environment-And this prevents our brains from recognizing our sleep clock.


  • Making adjustments like putting the phone to sleep, will help us sleep better.
  • Putting the T.V. on a sleep timer will help us stay asleep longer.

Where are we today with other sleeping medical conditions?

Experts in the sleep therapy studies and sleep management believe large numbers of people around the world suffer from sleeping disorders. Some believe it’s at epidemic proportions and more experts continue to research and study sleep treatments and options.

Many people have one or sometimes two sleeping disorders…these conditions can get worse over time. They can cause many nights of suffering unless you make changes or seek medical help.

In this video, Dr. Stasha Gominak explains how she helped her patients get the following;

  • A healthy gut bacteria.
  • Gain deep sleep
  • Helped with sleeping disorders
  • Help patients with sleep apnea
  • Cured back pain

If you suffer from one of these conditions below chances are your not getting the best restful deep sleep.

  1. Back problem’s
  2. Restlessness
  3. Worry
  4. Toss and turns
  5. Itchy and scratching skin (possible due to bed bugs or dust mites)
  6. Depression
  7. Body aches
  8. Chronic fatigue
  9. Interrupted sleep
  10. Can’t get out of bed
  11. Pain getting out of bed
  12. Have pain upon waking
  13. Sleep apnea
  14. Fibromyalgia.
  15. Headaches.
  16. and many more conditions.


Did you know certain sleeping disorders can be cured with simple non-medication treatments at home?

Certain mattresses have a different degree of comfort levels to accommodate a host of back pain situations. Would it be nice to have that same mattress every time your ready for a good night sleep at home?

These types of mattresses have been selected by 5-star hotels and resorts to give anyone some level of comfort…And ease their back pain while you travel.

Let’s view what selections they have made to give you the royal family treatment and to help you achieve a great night sleep.

Here are the sleeper types they make their research cater too your needs.

  • The Side sleeper – requires a soft mattress for many who prefer to side sleep this will take the pressure off the shoulder bone and perfect condition for those with shoulder disorders. Will relieve hip irritations and take pressure off the hips.
  • The Stomach sleeper – requires a firm mattress to keep the spine aligned
  • The Back Sleeper – requires a medium firm mattress

We should take the examples set by these 5-star hotels and resorts establishments. They know all aspects when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep and how comfortable their mattresses really are.

You never prepare your food without having all the necessary ingredients right. The same applies to getting ready for bed and having all the ingredients in place to give you the best sleep experience every night.

  • They know what are the best mattresses
  • They have the best box springs
  • The best mattress fittings pads
  • All the best-fitted sheet
  • Every one of the best cover sheets
  • They know and have the best blanket
  • Have the best pillows


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Most hotels and or resorts have the best in the world mattresses… And you will always get the best sleep and wake up restful with lots of energy.


Most Luxury hotels are the experts when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep for their customers. They want you to have the best experience as possible.

So, they research and examine new sleep techniques and the technology that discovered put the mattress companies to the test.

Think about this when was the last time you had a bad night sleep at any 5-star hotels and or a Mega resort. Did they pour out the royal family bedroom out for your comfort?

Most Luxury hotels add extra mattress fittings and tops to give their mattress the plush feel and sponge sensation. They want you to feel as if your the royal family our the most important family in the world.

Is it possible to get the same sleep at home as you would get at a luxury hotel or resort?

Now think about how many times have you had the worlds best sleep and at a hotel or resort.

Many hotels and resorts take pride in providing you with a home type experience and environment. They want you to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy yourself as you would as if you were home.

But, if you are not enjoying yourself at home it may be your mattress is not giving you that vacation feel experience every day. The same experience you would get from a Luxury hotel or resort.


Sure most people don’t have the same set up at home as a hotel…but Let’s focus on the sleep part. How do you feel at the hotel or resort that’s different from your home?


Compare the two home mattress vs. hotel mattress, do you have the same experience? Can you notice a difference in the two?

A lot of man-hours is spent researching how to make your hotel experience feel like you just had the royal experience. Much more research into the best mattress you ever slept on is the goal of this research.

Better Sleep Better Life. Choose Keetsa Mattresses - Shop Now!

With many new mattresses on the market, today technologies company specialize is sleep comfort have suggested some for back pain relief and different comfort levels.


Some other problems that will prevent the perfect sleep

Airlines companies have noticed some problems with their flight crews returning from their hotels-And called for immediate actions be taken.

Some of these problems needed to be addressed with their contract hotels about the mattress bed bugs. Bed bugs are small flat insects that hide in the day and feed off our blood at night.

Some hotels called for immediate inspections in all their rooms, beds mattresses, carpets, furniture, and closets for these pesky bed bugs.

Many exterminations servicing hotels stated, that they implemented a treatment program to service some hotels twice a year or every six months. This includes using canine dogs to search, detect, and sniff out those pesky bed bugs.

This condition was and can be peaked anytime with bed bugs-with no special season for the migration of bed bugs.

The extermination companies also advised hotels or any mattress using consumer to replace mattresses every 4 to 5 years. If you don’t plan to check or treat your mattress with a treatment program for these bed bugs.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states, the bed bugs infestations occurs around all known sleeping areas.

This includes;

  1. Apartments
  2. Housing rooms
  3. Shelters
  4. Hotels
  5. Cruise ships
  6. Buses
  7. Trains
  8. Universities (Dorn rooms)
  9. Hospitals,
  10. Nursing homes,
  11. Movie theaters,
  12. Retail stores,
  13. Public schools, and Private schools
  14. Even on airplanes.

Bed bugs have also been linked to people who travel from one location to the next location. They hide during the day and go undetected, some hiding places are the seams of the following;

  • Luggage
  • Folded clothes
  • Mattresses
  • Box springs
  • Headboards
  • Frames
  • Dresser drawers
  • Under carpets
  • Behind wallpaper
  • Inside cracks
  • Inside crevices
  • Other clutter around the bed area
  • Other objects around the bed area

When handling any bed bug infested mattress, clothing, and or furniture always protect your skin with safety surgical gloves to prevent small bugs from getting on your skin.


5-star hotels and resorts make every effort to accommodate you and your family to make you feel comfortable. They provide the best mattresses in the industry for any back injuries or back pain.
They cater to your sleeping disorders and medical condition if you have any to address. They will treat you like they would the royal family.
They made very wise selections in many types of mattresses to bring a sleeping environment like you would want at home. As you can see they will go the extra mile for you and making sure your room is clean and bug-free.
You can have these same luxuries at home every night especially if you are suffering from back pain or any medical condition. Once you gather all the ingredients you too can enjoy the royal family treatment at home every night.


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below if you like please share.

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