The Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain

What is The Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain-Chornic Pain

Back Pain Relief

What is The best treatment for Lower Back Pain and Chronic Pain

People with back injuries don’t take care of their back until it’s too late. Once you perform self-healing, you will never ask what is the best treatment for lower back pain and chronic pain ever again. You will learn not to aggravate the back injury and to get much-needed rest.

Our bodies are designed with build in self-healing cells and will perform this type of healing when you are in;

  1. Deep Sleep
  2. REM Sleep
  3. Moreover, only if every part of the body is Completely Paralyzed

Getting deep sleep will allow your brain to send signals to the receptors for the healing process to begin. Everyone has a self-healing process build into our central body damage repair center thru white blood cell, enzymes, and inflammations.

Most neurologists know how this works, we self-heal ourselves when we sleep and only if it’s deep sleep. Deep sleep happens naturally and just if your brain is ready for it. You do nothing to start this process it occurs naturally. However, you only get deep sleep if your brain is prepared for this and want you to have a deep sleep.



The Main Cause of Most back pain and diseases is inflammation and chronic inflammation.

You should seek medical advice on what to do next and determine what treatment options your doctor suggest for you. Knowing where the pain is generating from will give your doctor options where to start with a treatment plan.

Once you know what your symptoms are you can treat this conditions yourself by recording what you do or remember what you are trying to do for the self-healing process. You will see with the right ingredients you can be pain-free like take aspirin; we will never recommend aspirin and pain meds.

Some Medication is known for causing more inflammation which can lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation leads to heart problems, heart attacks, strokes, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and many other health problems.



Why is this a Life or death situation

You can treat your back pain at home, but you must know what type of condition is causing your back pain. The longer you wait and put off getting treatment the longer your back will take to adapt to the healing process.

Inflammation is the cause of all the healing process, so it works for you, and it works against you when too much is present in the body. Our bodies have a balance of the things working for us our Microbiome and Gut Health plays a Major role in your bodies health.

Why you should seek medical attention for back pain

You will need to know exactly where the back pain is located and know what is causing the pain. Some x-ray may not show a certain kind of injury you will need an MRI imaging to locate the exact position of the cause of your pain.

Ways to stop injuring a sore back

  1. Never bend over
  2. Never bend to pick up something
  3. Keep your back straight at all times
  4. Bending require you to stoop down
  5. Use your legs to lower yourself to the object
  6. Use a pickup device
  7. Use other people to pick up something on the ground

Upper back pain

Thoracic spine pain popular causes are auto-accidents and overextended reaching upward.

  • Seek medical attention, get your vitamin D levels checked.
  • Massage therapy (Try a seat massager or hand held massager)
  • Cold and heat treatments


Middle back pain

Overextended muscle pain or strained muscles pain.

  • Cold and heat treatments
  • Massage therapy (try the seat muscle massager)



Lower back pain

For the Lumbar spine area, this pain is mostly caused by trauma due to a fall or car accident. (inflammation may cause pain)

  • Seek medical attention ask your doctor for a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D
  • Get your vitamins levels checked – some vitamins are known to help stop inflammation ask your doctor for the 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  • Massage therapy until your pain-free (seat massager works well) there is two types make sure you get the one for spine treatment.
  • Electro-acupuncture (invasive hurts when the needles go into your skin)
  • Light stretches (only from a standing position)

Chronic back pain

The pain that will not stop even after heavy medicine and muscle relaxers.

  • Seek medical attention and get the source of your pain located.
  • Get your vitamins level checked.
  • Massage therapy helps ease your pain (Try the seat massager you can use it as needed.) It looks like a car seat cover.
  • Cold and hot treatments.
  • No exercises or stretches
  • Electro-acupuncture (Deep Tissue Massage)

Finding relief for back pain.

Remember If you’re in chronic back pain you should immediately seek medical attention from your healthcare provider. If you need relief, your doctor can help with treatment options.

I recommend the following from doctors reports, case studies, and scientific research to help you learn to live pain-free. It indeed is a beautiful world when you can live pain-free and can get to normal activities and back to business as usual.

The Cure for inflammation is in these Vitamins?

Let’s explore some options you can take at home to relieve some pain and discomfort. This is my warning to you before you try any type of treatment you can perform at home consult your doctor first.

Dr. OZ states trying other options to relieve your back pain will help ease high pain levels

  • Vitamin D will help relieve some back pain and joint inflammation.
  • Electro-accupuncture

Ask a Laboratory Scientist

You can contact AACC (American Association For Clinical Chemistry). Having your doctor check your blood work to see if your vitamin D deficient.

Two forms of vitamin D can be measured in the blood
  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D and
  • 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.

The 25-hydroxyvitamin D is the major form found in the blood and is the relatively inactive precursor to the active hormone, 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D.

Your questions can be answered by a laboratory scientist as part of a voluntary service provided by one of our favorite source of news and information, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).


Click on the Contact a Scientist link below to be re-directed to the ASCLS site to complete a request form.

If your question relates to this website and not to a specific lab test, please submit it via our Contact Us page instead. Thank you.

Contact a Scientist



The top three recommended Benefits to you living pain-free.


Some pain will stop over a few days or weeks if you’re more active. Most back pains can be just overworked muscles and can heal itself over time.

  1. Vitamin D3
  2. Seat massager
  3. Electro-accupuncture













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