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What is the importance of Vitamin D to the body – Cures

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What is The Importance of Vitamin D to The Body – Cures

Vitamin D new discoveries’ ahead

Getting your vitamin levels in check will play a crucial role in upcoming months and years. Being vitamin D deficient is a standard but unhealthy condition among 90% of the adults in the U.S.

Plus over 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from every illness you can think or imagine. So what is the importance of vitamin D to the body and why are so many people vitamin D deficient?

According to many experts, scientist, and Neurologist Dr. Stasha Grominic, they are learning more about what the fantastic discoveries’ vitamin D holds. Moreover, the new cures that are happening every day before their eyes with their patients.

Dr. Stasha G. noticed in her study group patients that consist of children, healthy teenage women, young adult women that were involved in the sleep disorder study in the 1980s. All showed signs or was vitamin D deficient and once their levels were normal other medical conditions improved.

Some patient stated they no longer had back pain, chronic fatigue, and other sleep-related issues. Dr. Stasha also reported if she had a chance to influence a world health leader she would recommend vitamin D as a primary ingredient in health care. Also, if she were stuck on a deserted island, she would want to have vitamin D with her.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is not really a vitamin at all… it’s a Pro-hormone but acts like vitamin C when it turns into calcium. Vitamin D is absorbed in the skin using UV rays from sun exposure and synthesizes in the liver and kidney.


Vitamin D is fat-soluble and has other compound’s like;

  1. Ergocalciferol – vitamin D2, (prevents osteoporosis and fractures)
  2. Cholecalciferol – vitamin D3, (prevents the Flu and helps the immune system)


Vitamin D plays an essential role in how calcitriol or calcium helps promote healthy bones, a robust immune system, and cardiovascular health. Some experts believe this vitamin can go to other organs of the body like in the arteries and can cause strokes, and other health problems.

Vitamin D works well with other vitamins as it enters the bloodstream-it needs to be shown and directed by vitamin k where to perform its work.

Scientific discoveries’ Design for your Benefit

May 10, 2018, Scientist from Salk Institute, a research group Published a paper of its findings in the Cell. They found while testing and giving more vitamin D to the beta-cell receptors. The beta-cell receptors that were blocking vitamin d responded to the extra vitamin d which improved the beta-cell activation.

The beta-cells in the pancreas makes, accumulate, and distribute the hormone insulin into the body. When these beta-cells gets blocked and or dysfunctional, the body can’t produce insulin to regulate blood sugar.

Blood sugar or (glucose) builds up in the body and if not burned as energy will cause disasters effects to your health. When glucose reaches high levels in the body-health begins to deteriorate fast, and the body starts to shut down.

The severe condition of liver damage, kidney failure, gallbladder, and inflammation linked to the cause’s of diabetes, which can hold fatal results.


Millions of people are affected by type 2 diabetes don’t be one of them

With the rise of obese, an aging overweight population, unhealthy eating, and other conditions not saying fast foods are health concerns. The CDC estimate of over 26 million people are reported to be type 2 diabetic in the U.S.- and millions of more cases across the world have increased.

We also learned that millions more are reported as being board line diabetic. Some reported are in the healthy eating categories.


We are learning that even our animals and pets are now being diagnosed with diabetes. Research investigations in mouse models proved beneficial. The new findings show that this type of gene regulation could help other future research and treatments for other disease’s cancer included.

The Best Investigating researchers statements

Ruth Yu, a Salk staff author, and researcher,

States, “that their lab is already in the study of pancreatic cancer, and diabetes, this is an important receptor it could be a potentially universal treatment where you boost the effects of vitamin D.”

Ronald Evans, senior author, a holder of Salk’s March of Dimes Organization Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator

Evans said, “Knowing that diabetes is a disease caused by inflammation”, “they were able to identify vitamin D receptor as an important modulator in both beta-cell survival and inflammation.”

Zong Wei, a Salk Gene Expression Laboratory, first study author,

Stated, “They first started looking at the role of vitamin D in beta-cells.” “Then after looking at the correlation between high levels of vitamin D concentrations in the blood. And notice that this lower a risk of diabetes. She also states, “With all the mechanism in place it was hard to protect the beta-cell with just vitamin D alone.”

Michael Downes, a Salk’s co-corresponding author, and senior staff scientist.

He stated, ” With transcription the way the genes are translated into proteins.” “When you combine the new compound with vitamin D it certain protection genes to be expressed at higher levels more than the diseased cell.”

And he also states, “A screening system that was developed in the lab was used to identify an important piece of that puzzle that allows for superactivation of the vitamin D pathway,”

The Scientific Group Conclusion

By using embryonic stem cells, the investigators were able to find a missing link a compound called (i-BRD9). After enhancing and activating the vitamin D receptor and combining with vitamin D to improve the survival of the beta-cell.

The team accomplishments in conducting a screening test having the compound’s survival in a dish-then tested in combination in a mouse model of diabetes. It showed that the animal glucose levels were back to a more normal level.

All the investigators say and agreed the new compound did not cause any side effects in the mice. And further testing in this area would be needed before clinical trials will begin.

Source from

New Medical Life

A special thank you to all the Salk researchers, investigators and everyone that is helping us get rid of these diseases and cancers. We want a healthy world where we can enjoy our life and families, loved ones, friends, and pet to the fullest.

The scientific research team;

  1.  Nanhai He.
  2. Gabriela Estepa.
  3. Ron Evans.
  4. Ruth Yu.
  5. Eiji Yoshihara.
  6. Michael Downes.
  7. Weiwei Fan.
  8. Zong Wei.


With so many people and healthy eaters becoming seriously vitamin D deficient, why is this still a problem? Could it be we don’t care about the importance of these vitamins or just rather have a patch me up medication?

We don’t have a shortage of this vitamin and it’s available online, at your local groceries, local department store, and drug stores. These vitamins are sold everywhere, I believe more is needed to be done in this area by preventing these diseases.


Where are the insurance companies, healthcare partners, and the lawmakers of the Obama Care or Trump care, Please someone cares and get it right?

They are pricing new medication now days have you heard about this? They priced it at 1 million dollars.

Vitamins are getting expensive so are we just going let the insurance company pay for the fix-up medication and forget the vitamins. Getting your vitamins levels checked is becoming more advantageous for your loved one’s families, friends, all peoples, and pets.

If you have any questions and comments, please leave them below we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Final Thoughts

What are the causes of so many of our loved ones, our families, friends, and even our pets are becoming sick with the disease’s type 2 diabetes that can be prevented?

Who will get the blame for so many people worldwide becoming sick with the disease?

Are we spreading the word about how vitamins work to give us a healthy life? Are the experts, doctors, government officials, family, friends, and people all over the world doing their part to spread the word?

Please share this with your loved ones, your families and friends, I would like to see a more health disease free world so please share with everyone.


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  1. I will definitely share this with my uncle. Living in Australia that has high UV makes me keep hiding from going out to have a sunbath. Got to get my Vit D level check! Thanks for the great info

    1. Thank you, for visiting,

      Do be careful long exposure can harm your skin, its recommended that no more than 20 or 25 minutes will be great. I personally would prefer the supplements. That way I would not overheat myself with the UV rays.

  2. Now I know why I take vitamin D! I take this supplement every day because it is part of my calcium supplement. I see that it has so many more benefits than just bone health. I am glad I came across this information, just makes me want to make sure I take my supplement everyday. I am going to start making my son take it to as he is susceptible to diabetes because of his testosterone injections.

    1. Thank you, for visiting,

      You can never go wrong having the whole household taking vitamin supplements. It will give you a good burst of energy feeling just remember to not overwork yourself when you feel well rested and ready to go.

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