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Vitamin K2 Side effects 2019-Difference in Vitamin k and k2

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Vitamin K2 Side effects 2019-Difference in Vitamin k and k2-Vitamin K saved lives.

Vitamin K2 side effects and the difference in Vitamin k and k2 saved lives if you don’t have this vitamin in your bloodstream you will not be alive you will bleed to death.

This vitamin makes sure you don’t bleed out and helps you maintain life by coagulating your blood and allowing it to clot. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble which mean you eat it and process it better when you eat healthy fat foods.

Vitamins Save Lives update 2018
In Chicago Illinois, on April 23, 2018, the Chicago Tribune news, reported the difference between vitamin k and K2 that saves hundreds from dying. Unfortunately, three people lose their lives when they used tainted marijuana laced with rat poison; Vitamin K saved 151 others.

This information will provide you with the tools you need to keep your loved ones, your family, and your friends out of harm’s way.

Donations of vitamin K poured into the area.

800,000 vitamin K tablets were donated and rush into the areas surrounding Chicago health officials reported. Some patients were given high doses of vitamin K to save their lives.

The synthetic marijuana was lace with a rat poison causing people to show symptoms include the severe bloody nose, bleeding gums, coughing up blood, blood in the urine, and internal bleeding.

Brodifacoum, a common ingredient in rat poison was found recently in some synthetic pot, which prevents blood from clotting.

Strong doses of vitamin K was given to save them.

The patient will have to take 30 tablets a day for six months according to the health officials. The donations provided by Bausch Foundation, an independent charitable organization in Laval, Quebec.

This donation will be available for those who have experienced severe bleeding, as well as any future cases. “Anyone affected can receive lifesaving treatment free of charge”, “Health official, Nirav Shah said.”

The donation came through the Bausch Foundation, which described as an independent charitable organization of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International in Laval, Quebec.

Thanks to public officials for acting fast to save more lives and find the source of this outbreak.

Special thanks to the following;

The Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Nirav Shah. Also, other Healthcare officials, Law enforcement agencies also instructs the public against using any synthetic marijuana, warning that the effects and risks to your health can be unpredictable and deadly.

Thanks to reporter,

The following is basic information:

Vitamin intake plays a significant role these days and how other vitamins perform inside our body. These vitamins can save our lives and provide a better quality healthy cardiovascular condition. We also learned that some vitamins help us;

  • Sleep deeply
  • Repair damage organs
  • Repair damage joints and heal our bones
  • Prevent and cure a host of other medical diseases (certain cancers, diabetes, and others)
  • Help our immune system
  • Stop back pain
  • Stop bones for becoming brittle
  • Help relief inflammation

Always consult your doctor and get the facts about your vitamin level especially Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

We can not live without these vitamins in our lives.

Vitamins are essential to our body’s overall health and not taking them can lead to a host of health issues. We just learned that vitamin K keeps us from bleeding to death. Now many technical medical breakthroughs are happening all the time. When top researcher studies the breakdown of these vitamins and the vital role they play we can reap all the benefits and rewards that follow.

Canada and the United States do not recommend the use of k1 and k2 in our daily diet. Most research in this area comes from Japan-which recommend vitamin k2 as standard care.

Benefits of taking Vitamin K.

Vitamin K is a group of compounds appeared to be K1 and K2. Research in this area is still ongoing today, the scientist and the healthcare community are making more discoveries.

The vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin also known as the blood clotting vitamin works well with other vitamins. Vitamin K plays a significant role in the cardiovascular health and bone health plus helps prevent;

  • Easy bruising,
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding,
  • Defective blood clotting,
  • Increase bleeding,
  • Osteopenia.

Most people today forget what this vitamin is for, but women learn more about this vitamin after childbirth when the nurse comes in and tell her it’s time for the newborn to get a vitamin K shot.

To learn more consult your doctor and ask him/her to check your vitamin D and K levels.

Vitamin k1.

Stay in the Liver and disappear with we eat. Are better known for the leafy green foods we eat like the following;

  • Collard greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Parsley
  • Kale
  • Spinach

Vitamin k2.

Goes to the Liver and then distributions into blood and bone quality.

This vitamin found in foods like;

  • Sauerkraut
  • Hard cheese
  • Kefir
  • Yogurt
  • Natto
  • Liver

If you suffer from back pain, a lack of vitamin k2 could be the reason. Vitamin k2 works well with D3 to promote better cardiovascular health and bone density. They also help stop the inflammation in our joints and bones. Consult your doctor for more information.


These vitamins fall into Two classes;

Fat-soluble stays in your body longer, and the chance of toxicity can occur if overuse them. These fat-solubles work well with foods that contain fat. We get the most benefits of the fat-soluble foods and vitamins that help break down into nutrients we need for healthy living.

Fat-soluble are vitamins A, D, E, and K.


Water-soluble vitamins not stored in your body. They will need to be replenished every day with the right healthy diet plan.

Water-soluble vitamins are B and C.


Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for more information. Learn what your vitamin levels are especially your Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

They know how and what vitamins work well to cure or prevent certain diseases, aches, back pains, sleep disorders, and a host of other conditions.

Find out what the experts, scientists, specialist, and your doctor recommends, finding out more information can help us all stay healthy and help us enjoy pain-free lives. Tell your loved ones, family, and friends about this information AND other ways that will keep them safe and healthy for years to come.

If you have questions and comments, please contact us we would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.



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